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Why Listening to Music is (Sometimes) an Unproductive Waste of Time

Why Listening to Music is (Sometimes) an Unproductive Waste of Time

Listening to Music vs. Audiobooks & Podcasts

Trust me, I love listening to music as much as the next guy. However, when sitting around for hours with a set of headphones, there are more productive ways to spend that time. Here are some great ways to constantly improve yourself by skipping on listening to music (other than at the Gym, of course):

 At Work

If your office is cool with you putting on headphones and listening to music while you work, I highly advise against music. I know this is a great way to reduce stress during the workday and keep you entertained but I think you’re significantly better off listening to self-help podcast and/or audio books (see “here” for book recommendations!). This way, instead of listening to the same song you’ve heard hundreds of time, you’re actually multi-tasking and learning while monotonously working. Obviously, do not try this if you’re working on something that requires your full attention.

On Road Trips

Ever get bored of listening to the same playlist for 8-24 straight hours on your trip cross country or down to Florida? Try listening to self-help podcasts or audiobooks instead. Not only will this keep you more entertained, you’ll actually be doing something productive with your time and also self-improving. I highly recommend choosing a topic you don’t know much about to expand your knowledge even further. This is a great way to continue your education (post grad) and to make long road trips more bearable.

Sitting Around Your House/Apartment

Bored? Instead of listening to music, watching TV or playing Video Games, try popping on your headphones and listening to an audiobook or self-help podcast and complete a task simultaneously (such as laundry or cleaning your place). Not only will you knock out some chore you’ve been meaning to get done, you’ll be learning at the same time and be twice as productive as you would’ve been sitting on the couch.


All in all, I’m not saying listening to music a is a bad thing, however, next time you have an extended period of time with a set of headphones, consider the fruitful alternative.